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  • Heavy duty 24-wire dot matrix printer Flatbed technology using print bar
  • Robust design for industry
  • High Performance: 1000 cps (10 cpi) 800 pages/hour 40,000 pages/month
  • Up to 6 excellent copies (1+6) Precise print positioning, perfect for form printout
  • Dual paper input: 2 tractor cassettes and manual paper feed
  • Low cost per page through 30 Mio character ribbon
  • Wide print format up to 165 columns
  • Easy user operation via macro functions
  • Personality Modules (interfaces) for major host and network environments


The PP 809 is one of the fastest dot matrix printers in the world. With a throughput of 800 pages per hour and a performance of 500 lpm (lines per minute) the PP 809 combines the performance of a line printer with the flexibility of a matrix printer.

Two accessible tractor cassettes offer high flexibility for the print production. The precise print registration allows to print also on multi-part form sets with high speed and accuracy. The rugged design and the Intellidrive™ Technology guarantee reliable unattended printing and a workload of up to 40,000 pages per month.

The extensive program of interfaces (PSi Personality Modules) provides for integration into major host and network environments.

PSi PP 809 Matrix nyomtató